Open Source Toolkit for Pandemics

Scalable real-time data for better decision making. Project Unity helps you monitor and restrict the spread of disease through a simple app.

The first open source platform developed to help Governments and Corporations make informed decisions and manage the impact of the virus whilst helping citizens stay calm and healthy.

Available for Governments and Corporations for free

Open source

Availabe for anyone who wants to make good use of our code. Contact us and download all the necessary assets to start using our platform.

You own your data

We don’t store users' data, so you can determine where you want to keep it safe. Unity Project is totally free of dependencies with clouds or data lakes.

Fully customizable

Open source means you can customize our products at your own convenience: change the look & feel, integrate it with your own systems, add new features...

Scalable and APIficable architecture - easy to plug-and-play

Cloudflare Amazon AWS Elastic

Why use Project Unity?

For users
  • Establish a communication channel for users to receive personalized communications and recommendations, from alerts to geopositioned services.
  • Includes a simple and intuitive tool to perform self-diagnosis questionnaires and keep track not only of individuals’ health but of their family too.
  • Offers a suite of advanced services from testing to a variety of complementary solutions to contact tracing.
  • Help the users to be up to date with official information
  • Connect users with the appropriate telemedicine solutions available.
For Governments and Corporations
  • Collect users’ contact information to get in touch with them in the event of an emergency.
  • Send immediate notifications to specific population groups with updated information and recommendations.
  • Access to aggregated user health and location data, which will allow to make informed decisions about COVID19.
  • Provide tools for citizens to bettter control their quarantine permits.
Tech specs

Self-diagnosis questionnaire

Adaptive self-diagnostic questionnaire which allows users to detect early symptoms of Covid-19 recurrently.

Exit pass

Create temporary passes to go to places authorized by the authorities.

Contact tracing (via bluetooth)

App allows user device to send bluetooth encrypted signals to devices which are nearby (1-2m radio). In the case that one user gets infected, the platform allows sending a notification to all users who have been 2mtrs or closer from the affected user.

Family profiles

Allows managing different profiles for different friends or family members - extend safety controls to your loved ones.


Geolocation feature to ensure you have updated information about places of general interest: hospitals, pharmacies, supermarkets, etc.

Real time monitorization dashboard

Tool to monitor application usage, obtain centralized information, and manage user notifications.

  • Self-diagnosis

    Real-time information about self-diagnosis performed. Dashboard allows filtering by test result, location, date ranges, age, gender, etc.

  • Exit pass

    Centralized command center to change user permits. Allows filtering information by type of pass, validity, usage, etc.

  • Contract tracer

    Tracks contacts that have been around the user. Different protocols validated in Europe, US and SE Asia for bluetooth developed and available (DP3T, Blue Trace, Exposure).

  • Geolocation

    Points of interest and services can be added and managed with information displayed in real time.

Our Figures

Numbers don’t lie.

4 Million


10 Billion

Scalability of system in number of entries


Project Reach (citizens)

Made with love

Project unity is a joint and non-profit initiative of Santander and other corporate partners, to contribute in the fight against Covid-19. Partners and contractors have participated in the design and development, which have made possible an innovative, simple, and open product.

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  • Jose Sanz-Polo

    Project Lead 3 Government Covid19 Platforms
    Certified John Hopkins Contact Tracer.

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  • Emilio Cubo

    Tech Project Lead 2 Government Covid19 Platforms
    WHO certified

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  • Pablo De Manuel

    Project Lead 3 Government Covid19 Platforms
    WHO + John Hopkins Contact Tracer Certified

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Are you interested in implementing Project Unity in your organization or country? Send us your details and we’ll contact you in less than 48 hours. Promised.

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