How it works

Self-diagnosis test

Questions about the users' health status. Allows multiple family members to be tested on the same device.

Updated official information

Official government information updated from the command center
Connects to APIs or RSS or Newly generated infographics.

Real-time push notifications

Send users' recommended actions depending on the data provided.

Receive PCR Official Results!

Once connected to a lab, the users' will be able to get tested and keep data stored on the app.


If approved by user, the app has the ability of geo-tracking in order to inform of nearby health center and even traffic.

De-escalation Module

Insights into different Regions/Municipalities/Population Nuclei.
Module where users' can define relevant regions for them. They receive personalized updates with changes in public policy for their regions.

Passports / passes

Application and management of entry / exit passes with QR code verification.

Contact Tracing Digital Enhancer

User flow for Official Positives:
i) For users', tool to help them share official message to contacts
ii) For government, tool that connects with Contact Directory to facilitate contact tracing. Could be used to gather extra info (events, transport, restaurants, etc).

Contact Tracing via Bluetooth

Tracks contacts that have been around the user. Different protocols developed and available.

Multi-Region Countries

Single App can manage different user flows, connect to different HealthCare Circuits/Patient Support Systems depending of the region inside the country.

Language management

Adapts to main language in user phone or browser.
Enables the user to select one of the different languages.

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