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In-app: Help citizens receive geo-located recommendations. From the correct hospitals for their specific symptoms to farmacies or ATMS.
In the backend: Manage and connect your databases.


In-app: Help citizens receive updated official news and alerts.
In the backend, control the information flow.


In-app: Individuals can select one or more regions that affect their daily lives and receive notifications with official changes in the reopening process.
In the backend, manage different data sources to understand hot-spots and trends.


In-app: Receive specific medical followup from rules or from a network of specialists.
In the backend: Multi-channel system to filter citizens and send personalized interventions. Supervise impact of actions and communications.

Contact Tracing

Tracks contacts that have been around the user. Different protocols for bluetooth developed and available (DP3T, Blue Trace, Exposure)


Visualize your messages in a timeline. Activate multi-channel communications between government and citizens.


Supervise Exits or entries.
Create a secure supervision process with any QR code reader. Historic Timeline of results.


QR Code to activate user in testing site for PCR or antibodies and Database Connection API with Matching with enhancer module. Reinforced messaging until the message is confirmed received.